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This calendar will connect you with laughter yoga sessions allover the world, happening at times all over the clock!

Laughter Yoga on the Phone

Laughter Yoga is a practice: to get the most out of it, you need to do it daily. To help with this, you might like laughing on the phone. Click the link for the schedule. 

Need Help Laughing?


Gaga Barnes, Laughter Yoga Teacher, Laughter Yoga Ambassador and founder of the original "LAUGHTER YOGA ON THE PHONE" has created a delightfully fun and inspiring book that explains not only why LAUGHTER is crucial to our health and well-being, but how we can access that laughing place we all carry inside. Wonderfully illustrated and filled with inspirational quotes, lessons and love, this book offers the "key" to unconditional laughter. Gaga Barnes delights the senses with her straight-forward and surprisingly simple methods for discovering the pure joy of laughter--for no reason at all!
How can we learn to laugh unconditionally? What's the secret to finding our laugh when we just don't feel like laughing? Gaga Barnes has answers!

Global Laughter Calendar

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